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Truro Quays Harbour village potential project diagram.
Artist's impression by Poynton Bradbury Winter Cole

First look at vibrant potential projects that could be unlocked by Truro Towns Fund bid

The first images of potential projects that could be unlocked by up to £25 million of Government investment have been unveiled by Truro Town Deal Board.


Upgraded indoor and outdoor sports facilities at Boscawen Park and a cycling network including a new bridge between Boscawen and Newham business district, first proposed by the Truro Loops project, are among the concepts being explored through the funding opportunity.

An artist’s impression has also been released of Truro Quays Harbour Village, which could involve restoration of buildings and introduction of a sill to retain water, allowing berthing for up to 50 boats.

Driven by feedback from local people and businesses, a series of working groups under the Truro Town Deal board are now developing projects around a number of themes. These will be presented in a Town Investment Plan, due to be submitted to the Government Towns Fund in January 2021.

A new website has been developed – – where local people and businesses can give their feedback on the vision and potential projects

Chair of Truro Town Deal Board Carole Theobald said: “We’re moving forward with project themes and starting to bring them to life with artist’s impressions. The best answers for local projects will come from local people, that’s why we’re listening to people living, working and visiting Truro – your feedback is important.

“Not all potential projects we share for consultation will make the final Town Investment Plan, however. We’ll be combing your feedback whilst weighing up which interventions are most eligible for the funding and will deliver most economic impact for Truro.”

One project ready to receive feedback is a revamped Boscawen Park, including:

  • A business sports and activity hub, to include an indoor children’s play area, climbing wall, fitness suite.
  • A botanical house and horticultural showcase, based on a partnership between Truro City Council and local businesses.
  • Improved changing facilities
  • Hospitality area including a bar and café
  • Extended play area with more natural play
  • Hard surfaced area for bootcamp/outdoor fitness classes.
  • Water jets and Splash play area
  • Waterfront park space at the South end of the park, looking down Truro River
  • Enhanced performance space for outdoor events
  • All weather pitch

Nigel King, business owner and Truro Town Deal board member, is leading the Boscawen Park working group. He said: “Boscawen Park is already a hugely popular, attractive part of our city. These ideas aim to bring more people, offer better sports and recreational facilities for all weather and all year round – it’s for the people of Truro but we think visitors will enjoy it too.

“Harbour Village is a potential game changer. We’re celebrating the historic harbour whilst creating viable business opportunities and jobs. These two projects work well together to create a real destination not just for Truro but Cornwall as a whole, attracting national and international visitors.

“These plans are not set in stone, but are blueprints for how we can start to transform our city.”

A number of other projects are on the table for discussion, but not all will make the final investment plan. Current themes include:

Sustainable transport: Bringing connectivity to Truro from Boscawen Park to Lemon Quay and the city centre through cycle routes. Set to combine work under the Truro Loops project, including a bridge to link Boscawen Park to Newham.

IT connectivity: Bringing 5G to Truro, including the railway station and Newham, including demonstrator applications of 5G and a potential for an experiential app. Exploring options for a 5G bubble at Newham.

Repurposing empty space: Use space that’s currently empty or derelict by combining or repurposing retail and residential buildings in the city centre.

Lemon Quay: Upgrading the piazza to improve connection with the river plus improved planting, seating, lighting and shop signage, offering a community and enhanced event space including under-cover area.

Business Enterprise and Skills: Working with businesses in Truro city centre and Newham to identify projects, such as installation of a 5G bubble and marine hub with improved slipway and boatyard. Partnering with education providers such as Truro & Penwith College to develop projects that upskill our local workforce and residents.

Culture and Heritage: Ideas being developed by partners such as Hall for Cornwall, Truro Cathedral and Royal Cornwall Museum include a shared rehearsal and exhibits space, as well as a 5G app depicting Truro’s past and present.

Image by Mei Loci
Truro Quays Harbour village potential project diagram.
Artist's impression by Poynton Bradbury Winter Cole