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Truro Town Deal board votes to forge ahead with Lighterage Quay lifting bridge.

Truro Lighterage Quay Lifting Bridge illustration.

The Truro Town Deal board has voted to forge ahead with a pedestrian and cycling bridge between Boscawen Park and Newham as part of its vision to deliver a “connected river city”.

It also agreed to make a contribution towards the removal of the Compton Castle and enhancements of the surrounding Lemon Quay area.

With rising inflation and construction costs, Board Members voted to reallocate funding from a proposed Garras Wharf to Town Quay bridge, to Lighterage Quay lifting bridge and the removal of Compton Castle.

Alan Stanhope, chair of Truro Town Deal, said: “Lighterage Quay lifting bridge is a much anticipated, iconic part of our investment plan to reconnect Truro with its rivers.

“This important decision means we can forge ahead with its development, which is due for completion by March 2026. The board have shown their commitment to create a legacy through the Town Fund which will benefit residents, workers and businesses for generations to come.

“We are also looking forward to the removal of the Compton Castle, but more importantly how our investment will enhance that area. Improvements to the southern end of Lemon Quay will further connect the city centre with the river and bring an economic boost to businesses based there.”

In April 2021, Truro secured a Town Deal of up to £23.6 million following the successful submission of its Town Investment Plan for a range of regeneration projects.


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