Major boost for Truro as Boscawen Sport and Recreation Hub receives first grant payment from Truro Town Deal

Boscawen Park - Boscawen Sport and Recreation Hub latest design, March 2024.

Exciting plans to provide Truro residents and visitors with new and improved indoor and outdoor sports and leisure facilities at Boscawen Park have received a major boost this week with the news that the Truro City Council led project has received its first tranche of Town Deal funding.

Awarded £5.2 million from the Truro Towns Fund, the Boscawen Sport and Recreation Hub has received its first grant payment of £464,251.

“We are delighted to see this project moving forward thanks to Town Deal funding,” said Alan Stanhope, Chair of the Truro Town Deal Board. “Well done to the City Council which has worked extremely hard to develop these plans and I look forward to seeing work start on the new Sport and Recreation Hub next summer.”

Louis Gardner, Cornwall Council cabinet member for economy, said: “This is great news for Truro, which secured £23.6 million from the Government’s Town Deal to boost the city’s exciting and ambitious regeneration plans. Boscawen Park is already a popular and attractive part of the city and this project will provide improved facilities to the wider community, making the building a go to destination for Truro.”

Already one of the jewels in Truro’s crown, last year Boscawen Park celebrated the official opening of its new Café in the Park and improved tennis facilities.

This project will build on these improvements with a new multi-use building providing high quality all weather and all year round indoor and outdoor sports and leisure facilities.

Specific plans include:

  • Revitalising the park as a ‘Green’ hub for sports activities, with a focus on health and wellbeing for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Improving the sports facilities including a new all-weather playing pitch and sports hub.
  • Conserving the historic parkland landscape and character, celebrating Truro’s horticultural heritage.
  • Emphasising the parks green and natural setting by improving access to the riverside pathways, with views to Truro.
  • Revitalising those areas within the park which have been neglected and also address issues of drainage and access.
  • Improving the existing performance space, serving as multifunctional space for informal outdoor activity.
  • Enhancing the existing play space with more green and natural play.
  • Improving sustainable transport connections to the park and promote cycling and walking.
  • Promoting links to the wider area within footpaths and cycleways and the Lighterage Quay Bridge connectivity to Newham and its business Community

The Boscawen Sport and Recreation Hub project is being led by Truro City Council.

“This is a very exciting project for Truro,” said Truro Mayor Cllr Carol Swain. “Boscawen Park is extremely popular with residents and visitors to the city and we are very proud to be leading on these plans to provide new and improved indoor and outdoor sports and leisure facilities.”

The project will include:

  • The new Boscawen Park Sports Hub building
  • An all-weather 3-G sports pitch
  • Works to stabilise the river bank
  • Improvements to the duck pond, including dredging
  • Landscaping works

As well as providing a space for sports activities, the Hub is also expected to host community and family events, such as parent and toddler groups, book, film and drama groups, coffee mornings, a senior centre, workshops and training, arts and crafts groups, and conferences and events.

The new building will be located on land off Malpas Road currently occupied by the City Council’s parks department horticultural nursery which is being relocated to Idless Woods.

Truro is among 100 towns across the country successful in its bid for funding from the Government’s Town Deal. The city was awarded £23.6 million to support the regeneration plans proposed in the Town Investment Plan.

Seven projects have been approved to receive Town Deal Funding in Truro.

Aimed at creating a “Connected River City”, these include the construction of new buildings, including the Sports and Recreation Hub at Boscawen Park, the Hive at Pydar and the new Truro Community Hub. The programme also involves exciting plans for transforming Truro Harbour and Lemon Quay, repurposing existing buildings in the city centre through the New Life for City Buildings project, improvements to the Royal Cornwall Museum, and the Green Transport project, which will provide new walking and cycle routes and a bridge to encourage sustainable travel

Truro City Council is also leading on the New Life for City Buildings project which is expected to be formally launched in the New Year.

Part of the Government’s plan for Levelling Up the UK economy, the Town Deal Fund aims to regenerate the towns and boost the local economy across the regions.


Applications now open for New Life for City Buildings grants

Applications now open for New Life for City Buildings grants

Landlords and property owners / operators in Truro interested in taking part in the New Life for City Buildings project can now submit Expressions of Interest to the Truro Regeneration Company CIC which is managing the project on behalf of the City Council.

The project aims to help revitalise the city centre by using funding from the Truro Town Deal programme to refurbish, renovate and repurpose buildings in the city centre and unoccupied upper floors.

Details of the grant scheme have now been finalised and the scheme is open for applications. Applicants will be expected to contribute at least 50% of the cost of the works.

Property owners / operators and landlords interested in sending their Expression of Interest can request an application form by emailing:

 Applications will be considered by the Truro Regeneration Company board against the criteria set out in the funding agreement between Truro City Council and the Truro Towns Fund.  Details of the criteria will be included in the application form. A copy of the criteria is also available by emailing

 New Life for City Buildings is one of seven projects in Truro funded by the Government’s Town Deal which aims to support the City’s regeneration and economic growth. The project will receive £3.3 million from Truro’s Town Deal programme to support its work during the next two years.

Breathing new life into the centre of Truro

Breathing new life into the centre of Truro - one of Truro Town Deals Projects.

Plans to breathe new life into Truro by transforming empty or dilapidated properties into new sustainable places for people to live and work in the city centre have taken a major step forward this week with the official launch of the new company which will deliver the exciting and ambitious Truro Town Deal funded project.

Led by Truro City Council, the New Life for City Buildings project will help to revitalise the city centre by refurbishing, renovating and repurposing empty spaces above shops and on the edge of the city.

“This is an incredibly exciting project which will see new life breathed into our city centre,” said the Mayor of Truro Councillor Carol Swain. “Although Truro is rightly renowned for its historic buildings and grand Georgian and Victorian architecture, we recognise that many of the buildings have upper stories which are empty and unused.  There are also a number of empty or poorly repaired commercial buildings on the outskirts of the city which need some TLC.

“We want to protect and celebrate our heritage and cultural assets and encourage more people to live and work in the city centre by transforming these buildings.  We have created a new community interest company to manage the New Life for City Buildings project and look forward to working with them and other partners and stakeholders to regenerate our city.”

Truro is one of four places in Cornwall to be awarded a share of the £3.6bn Town Deal funding by the Government as part of its Levelling Up ambition, securing £23.6 million to regenerate the city and boost the local economy. 

“The New Life for City Buildings project is one of seven projects which have been approved to receive Town Deal Funding in Truro,” said Alan Stanhope, Chair of the Truro Town Deal Board. “The project will receive £3.3 million from Truro’s Town Deal programme to support its work during the next two years.

“Recognising the need to bring property, business and financial expertise together to ensure the project is delivered as efficiently as possible, Truro City Council have set up the Truro Regeneration Company CIC which will provide this support through its voluntary board of five directors.”

Wholly owned by the City Council, Truro Regeneration Company will be responsible for assessing applications and distributing grants to owners and landlords looking to transform the upper floors of their buildings to create new high quality living space in the city centre, and where appropriate, buying and regenerating unused buildings so they can then be resold rather than lying empty.

“The Regeneration Company is indeed looking to inject new life into city centre buildings using Town Deal funding on a matched basis with owners and landlords, said Rupert Hume -Kendall, Chair of the Truro Regeneration Company CIC (TRC).

“The aim of the programme is to create sustainable and eco friendly residential and office accommodation and inject vibrancy into Truro by refurbishing and repurposing dilapidated or empty properties.”

There are around 1,600 private sector businesses in Truro, many within the retail and professional services sector. The city centre currently has an estimated 25,000 m2 of empty or redundant space. As well as making more creative use of this space and protecting community assets, the project will also improve energy efficiency and future proof buildings and provide sustainable employment and apprenticeship opportunities within the construction industry.  

Details of the grant scheme and application process are currently being finalised, with an invitation to owners and landlords to submit Expressions of Interest for grant support expected to be published later this month. Landlords and owners of properties will be expected to contribute at least 50% of the cost of the works and will be responsible for overseeing the construction.

All applications for grants will be considered by the TRC board against the criteria set out in the funding agreement between Truro City Council and the Truro Towns Fund.

“The New Life for City Buildings project provides a fantastic opportunity to create a thriving city centre by bringing new life to our historic buildings and encouraging more people into our Great Little City,” said Cllr Swain.

As well as leading on the New Life for City Buildings project, Truro City Council is also developing the Boscawen Sport and Recreation Hub Town Deal project which will provide new and improved indoor and outdoor sports and leisure facilities at Boscawen Park.

Truro Town Deal to present transformational projects for feedback

Truro Cathedral in the backgrouns with MAlpas rier in the forground. the iamge surrounded by a frame of tree branches and grassy banks

These sets of proposals represent the most ambitious aspects of our project portfolio, and we are keen to present them collectively so members of the community can see how they work together. 

An opportunity to have your say

Join us on Wednesday, November 22, from 10am to 7pm at the Truro Methodist Church, as we unveil the plans for a much-anticipated lifting bridge between Newham and Boscawen Park plus updates to Lemon Quay and Town Quay, and cycling routes across the city.

The projects

Lifting Bridge between Newham and Boscawen Park: The much-anticipated bridge is set to connect both sides of the river between Newham and Malpas, making a better connected, healthier and more sustainable community. 

Lemon Quay and Harbor Updates: These plans are poised to breathe new life into two of Truro’s most iconic areas, enhancing the beauty and functionality of our city. 

Pedestrian and Cycle Route Improvements: We’re creating a robust active travel network that’ll make Truro healthier and more connected, ensuring a sustainable and vibrant future. 

These projects are a collaboration between Cornwall Council and the Truro Town Deal Board who together are committed to a vision of a “Connected River City,” revitalising Truro and unlocking vital investments. 

They represent the heart of the project portfolio 

Alan Stanhope, Chair of Truro Town Deal, emphasizes, “These proposals represent the heart of our project portfolio. We’re excited to showcase how they come together to create a thriving, connected Truro.” 

Louis Gardner, Cornwall Council’s Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Economy, urges you to have your say, saying, “The Town Deal empowers communities to shape the future. We invite all residents and businesses to the exhibition to learn more.” 

Join us on Wednesday, November 22, at the Truro Methodist Church from 10am to 7pm to view the plans and provide your feedback.  

The questionnaire and plans will also be available to view online here from 22nd November. 

Truro Town Deal awards its first funding to Royal Cornwall Museum

Mineral collection inside Royal Cornwall Museum

RCM will receive a £476,000 grant, which will transform the museum’s mineral gallery and will include a state-of-the-art digital lab, enabling people all over Cornwall and the world to interact with the collection.

The investment is the first significant funding award towards the transformation of the museum, and forms part of an ambitious three year investment programme aiming to secure its future and attract more visitors.

Jonathan Morton said: “The mineral gallery houses an internationally recognised collection that’s hugely important in representing Cornwall’s rich history as a global mining centre.

“The digital learning lab will enable us to offer workshops and presentations, streaming content about our mineral collection to people around the world. It will also drive footfall into the museum by providing an interactive offer to our visitors and educational programmes.

“This investment from Truro Town Deal into Royal Cornwall Museum is a crucial part of the overall vision of Truro as an attractive place to live, work and visit.”

The revamped minerals exhibition space, situated on the ground floor of the museum, is expected to be completed by Summer 2024.

Chair of Truro Town Deal Board, Alan Stanhope, said: “This is an important milestone for Truro Town Deal – that funding is now with the project and can start to go to work.

“Royal Cornwall Museum was selected as part of our Town Investment Plan for the role it plays in attracting new visitors and enhancing the breadth of the cultural offer in Truro. I’m looking forward to seeing the digital lab in action and benefiting visitors both locally and across the world.”

Louis Gardner, Cornwall Council cabinet portfolio holder for economy, said: “I’m delighted that the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro has received this much-needed funding from the Town Deal Fund, kick-starting the delivery of the Town Deal Fund projects in Truro. The main aim of the fund is to revitalise the economy of the towns and in Cornwall some of that investment goes towards refurbishing and developing our cultural assets. It will enable, organisations such as the Royal Cornwall Museum to enhance their offer for the local community as well as promote our rich and unique heritage to visitors, supporting a thriving cultural and heritage sector and the wider economy of the City.”

Truro Town Deal calls for new members to join our board of volunteers

Calling for new members to join our board of volunteers.

Are you looking for an opportunity to drive positive change for the community of Truro and help build the Truro of tomorrow?

The Truro Town Deal Board is looking for new members to join them at the exciting time of the City’s regeneration programme delivery which is made possible thanks to the Government’s Town Deal Fund.

In June 2021, Truro was awarded £23.6 million from the Government’s £3.6 billion Towns Fund to bring a step-change in how we live, work and enjoy Truro. This money will help us to future proof Truro whilst celebrating its unique character. Seven projects, set to transform our city and local economy, are now entering their delivery phase. Read more about the seven projects funded by the Town Deal here.

We are calling for leaders or developing leaders with the skills, confidence and the authority to bring their voice to the table in order to help shape and deliver the Town Investment Plan for Truro and support the City’s regeneration.

Find out more about the current members of the board here

Role Purpose

Members of the Truro Town Deal Board are expected to:

  • Actively engage with all stakeholders, but particularly with the private sector (including the social enterprise and third sector) and further and higher education institutions to capture and engage their interest and facilitate their activity in Truro.
  • Champion and oversee the delivery of the Truro Town Investment Plan.
  • To actively participate in at least 4 Board meetings per annum, providing expert advice, guidance, insight and challenge to Board discussions.
  • Be prepared to Chair a relevant Board sub-committee or strategy implementation committee or similar, where necessary and appropriate.
  • Help ensure the Truro Town Deal Board actively reflects the businesses and people of Truro.


It is envisaged that the role will require a time commitment of approximately two days per month with greater commitment at key programme milestones.

The precise nature and timing of this commitment will be determined with the successful candidate.

It is expected, as a minimum, that candidates should be prepared to attend 4 Board meetings lasting a maximum of three hours held at varying locations around Truro or via online methods.

Board members will also be encouraged to participate in activities between Board meetings which could involve chairing a subgroup and/or representing the Truro Town Deal Board and consultation events.

For more information about the Truro Town Deal, visit:

How to apply

Please submit a covering letter outlining your motivation for applying and highlighting how your skills, knowledge and experience meet the requirements of the role of the board members, as set out in the role description (two sides of A4 maximum) and a copy of your CV by Friday 31st March by email: Read the Role Profile here.

For a confidential discussion on the role in more details, please email:

Personal Data

In line with GDPR, we ask that you do not send us any information that can identify any of your Sensitive Personal Data (racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, data concerning health or sex life and sexual orientation, genetic and / or biometric data) in your CV and application documentation. Following this notice, any inclusion of your Sensitive Personal Data in your CV/application documentation will be understood by us as your express consent to process this information going forward. Please also remember to not mention anyone’s information or details (e.g. referees) who have not previously agreed to their inclusio

A first tranche of funding has been released to Cornwall Council to enable Truro Town Deal projects to get underway

Truro to receive first share of Town Deal funding to deliver regeneration. 

A first tranche of funding has been released to Cornwall Council to enable Truro Town Deal projects to get underway.

Truro was allocated £23.6 million last year to deliver a package of seven transformational projects that together will enhance Truro as a “connected river city”.

Since then, business cases have been developed to enable the Government to sign off individual projects which will trigger the release of the funding.

Grant funding agreements will be issued to projects in the coming months, which will enable them to take positive steps towards achieving their goals of delivering improvements in the quality of life for local residents, supporting local businesses, and providing skills development opportunities.

Alan Stanhope, chair of Truro Town Deal board, said: “This is a huge milestone for Truro. We can start to draw down some significant investment and the real work can begin to put our projects into action.

 “This is a result of two years of exceptional work from a committed board of volunteers and a small team to develop our portfolio. Over the past six months, we’ve been working on very detailed business cases and it’s this behind-the-scenes effort that has enabled the Government to release the first part of our Town Deal funding. 

“We’re proud to be able to get finally started in delivering our vision for Truro as a connected river city.”

The £88.7 million Town Deal Funding allocated by the Government to Cornwall will be invested in over 30 projects and delivered across Truro, Camborne, Penzance and St Ives. As Lead Authority for the region, Cornwall Council has received the first instalment of £18.3 million for 2022 / 2023 for the four towns.

The seven Truro Town Deal projects submitted to Government are:

The Hive at Pydar

New Life for City Buildings

Boscawen Park Sports and Recreation Hub

Royal Cornwall Museum

Truro Harbour & Lemon Quay

Green Transport

Truro Community Hub

Cherilyn Mackrory, Member of Parliament for Truro, said: “This is the moment we have been waiting for. A lot of hard work by key local stakeholders has got us to where we are now with this project. This really is a game-changer for Truro which will allow us to start unlocking our city’s potential.

“Levelling Up is still at the heart of the Government’s agenda and decisions like these clearly demonstrate that. This pot of money will allow us to start investing in a variety of different projects in Truro that will benefit those who live, work and grow up here.”

Louis Gardner, Cornwall Council cabinet member for economy, said: “With the first year of funding now in place, Truro – can now start to deliver on the projects that will make a difference to their communities.

“So much work has gone on behind the scenes to get to where we are today and confirmation that projects can now progress is testament to the commitment and vision of the Town Deal Boards.

“Cornwall Council will itself be delivering 11 ambitious projects across the four areas of Camborne, Truro, Penzance and St Ives using Town Deal funding to improve connectivity, public spaces, housing and offer grants to businesses. I have no doubt that these investments will revitalise the town – and city – centres, improving life for residents and creating sustainable communities now and into the future.”

Community engagement activity is continuing for some projects ahead of applications for planning permission, including Truro Community Hub and Boscawen Park Sports and Recreation Hub.

Rescheduled: Have Your Say – Boscawen Park Sports and Recreation Hub 

Boscawen Sport and Recreation Hub drawing. One of Truro Town Deal Projects.

Truro has a chance to give feedback on exciting plans to bring enhanced recreation facilities to Boscawen Park.

The Truro City Council and Truro Town Deal teams will be holding community engagement events for Boscawen Park Sports and Recreation Hub with a chance for all ages to give feedback.

Plans will be on display on:

Wednesday 26th October – 9.30 am to 3 pm in Boscawen Park (to the right of the playground by the tennis courts).

Friday 28th October – 9.20 am to 3 pm at Lemon Quay as part of Truro Farmers Market.  

Children’s activities will be on offer, enabling young people to have their say on the plans.

Plans for Boscawen Park include:

  • New two-storey building with hospitality area/cafe
  • Lettable studio space for fitness classes
  • Improved changing facilities
  • 3G sports pitch
  • Indoor play area and climbing wall
  • Extended outdoor natural play area
  • Hard surfaced area for bootcamp/outdoor fitness classes
  • Enhanced performance space for outdoor events

Roger Gazzard, Town Clerk for Truro City Council, said: “We’re keen to get feedback from people of all ages about our plans for this brilliant multi-use building as well as the wider master plan at Boscawen Park. We want to find out more about what facilities people would like to use and what is most important to them as we shape our plans.”

Feedback from these events will be used to support the next stage of the development, which involves applying for planning permission.

The project would be funded by both Truro City Council and Truro Town Deal.

Truro Town Deal board agrees business cases: Next step for transformational projects

Truro Town Deals Projects - picture of lemon Quay.

Truro is a step closer to releasing funding from the Government’s Towns Fund for projects to transform the city’s economy.

Following an extraordinary meeting (Wednesday, April 27), which saw the review of business cases submitted by the organisations behind the projects, Truro Town Deal Board gave its unanimous approval on the seven projects put forward.

Each of the core projects presented in the City’s Town Investment Plan will go through to the next stage of their development and feasibility assessment prior to receiving sign off from Cornwall Council as the accountable body. Following this approval, the finalised Truro Town Deal programme will be submitted to Government during July.

However, since the submission of the Town Investment Plan, and as part of the drafting of the projects’ business cases, a potential overspend of £900,000 has been identified due to the steep rising prices of building materials. As a result, further work is required to refine the costing of the construction phase, meaning the funding allocations could be revised and projects adjusted before submission to Government.

Chair of Truro Town Deal Board, Alan Stanhope, said: “We’re delighted to have met this important milestone in delivering the Truro Town Deal programme and maximising this funding opportunity. It’s been a challenging time to work up the finer detail of the projects, against rising costs of construction materials and balancing the budget.

“We’re hopeful that the next stages will run smoothly, leading to a release of the funding during Autumn. That’s when the real work can start in delivering these transformational projects which we are looking to see all completed by 2026.”

Two changes to how the projects sit within the portfolio were agreed at the meeting. A sub-project to refurbish Old Bakery Studios, which previously sat within Truro Harbour & Lemon Quays, has been moved to New Life for City Buildings.

The lifting bridge connecting Lighterage Quay at Newham with Boscawen Park – considered a “flagship” aspect of the Town Investment Plan – has been moved to the Truro Harbour and Lemon Quays project.

The project portfolio for Truro Town Deal is:

  • Truro Harbour and Lemon Quay – to include lifting bridge
  • Boscawen Sport and Recreation Hub
  • Truro Community Hub
  • New Life for City Buildings – to include Old Bakery Studios
  • Green Transport
  • Royal Cornwall Museum
  • The Hive at Pydar

Next steps for Truro Town Deal

In August last year, the Town Deal Board signed a Heads of Terms agreement with the Government and Cornwall Council.

Since then, work has been going on behind the scenes to develop business cases for each of the projects put forward in the Town Investment Plan. These cover aspects such as detailed budgets, potential impact on the city’s economy and outline timeline for delivery.

 Now Truro Town Deal Board has approved business cases and funding allocations, the portfolio of projects moves to Cornwall Council as accountable body for further assessment prior sign off through Section 151 processes.

Cornwall Council will then submit the finalised Truro Town Deal Programme and associated projects during July to meet the Government’s deadline. Once approved by Government, funds could be released early Autumn 2022.

Truro is one of 101 towns, and four in Cornwall, selected to bid for the Government’s £3.6 billion Towns Fund which aims to drive economic regeneration.