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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Answers to common Questions

What is a Town Deal?

Truro is one of 101 towns in the UK selected in 2019 to bid for up to £25 million from the £3.6 billion from the Government’s Towns Fund. The aim of the fund is to “drive sustainable economic regeneration of towns to deliver long term economic and productivity growth.”

A Town Deal is an agreement between Government, a Lead Council and a Town Deal Board. It will set out a vision and strategy for the town, and what each party agrees to do to achieve this vision. It is confirmed in a Heads of Terms document.

Cornwall had 4 towns selected – Truro, Camborne, Penzance and St Ives.

Truro submitted its bid, in the form of a Town Investment Plan (TIP) in January 2021, and received a funding award announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in April 2021.

What is a Town Investment Plan (TIP)?

Truro Town Deal Board worked hard during 2020 to develop a Town Investment Plan, which lays out our bid to Government. It includes our vision for a thriving, connected river city, 6 key projects that we think will boost our economy, evidence of community engagement and delivery plans.

You can read it here

What’s an accountable body?

The accountable body ensures on behalf of the Government that the funds are channelled and used appropriately. The body administers the fund, makes arrangements for projects to receive funding, and reports to Government on delivery and impact of the projects.

Cornwall Council has been appointed as the accountable body for all 4 Cornish Town Deals.

What is the Town Deal worth?

The funding offer announced in April 2021 was £23.6 million, against a bid of £25 million.

However, with match funding from partners, the gross value of projects could be as much as £80 million.

When will the projects be delivered?

Truro has until March 2024 to ensure funds are committed, and until March 2026 for completion of projects.

Who is delivering the projects?

Truro Town Deal Board is a group of volunteers and not its own legal entity, and therefore we are working with a number of local partners to receive the funding and deliver the projects.

These include:

Cornwall Council, delivering on Green Transport, Truro Harbour and Lemon Quay

Truro City Council, delivering on Boscawen Sport and Recreation Hub and New Life for City Buildings

Falmouth University, supporting Cornwall Council on the Hive

Truro Methodist Church, delivering on Truro Community Hub.

What funding has Truro already received under the Towns Fund?

In September 2020, Truro was awarded £750,000 for immediate regeneration projects under the Accelerated Fund.

You can read about these here. 

How can we keep up to date?

We regularly publish board minutes on our website, where you can also read about our board members here.

You can also sign up to our email newsletter and follow our social media channels where we post updates.





How can I get involved?

Give feedback! We record every piece of feedback we receive. You can give general feedback about our Town Investment Plan by using this form.

We also will be planning dedicated community engagement events over the coming months for people to give specific feedback about projects and how they are shaping up.

What if I have an idea for a project?

Our projects have been specifically selected to meet specific criteria set down by the Government’s Towns Fund. Our project portfolio is presented in our Town Investment Plan (TIP) and was consulted on during Autumn 2020. If you have further feedback or ideas, please do get in touch with our feedback form, but we cannot guarantee new project ideas can be taken into consideration.


Want to have your say?

We want to ensure everyone has their voice heard and that all Truronians feel represented in these conversations.