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Green Transport

An illustration of the proposed lifting bridge between Boscawen and Newham. Image by Hewson Yee Assoc CEC


Sustainable Transport creates a local active travel network with better connected, healthier and more sustainable communities by supporting people to change how they move around Truro by widening their healthy and clean travel choices.

The project includes a key cycle link between Threemilestone and Truro and an iconic lifting bridge between Newham and Boscawen Park and seeks to encourage people to walk and cycle for short trips and lead to a less polluted, less congested city with reduced traffic noise and more people centred streets.


The project triggers economic, social, environmental and health transformations for Truro enabling easy commuting, encouraging healthy and active lifestyles and contributing towards clean growth.

Through accelerator funding, bike racks have been installed around the city to kick start this project.

The project elements include:

A new walkway at Newham leading to a lifting bridge. Illustration by PBWC Architects, courtesy of Truro Loops.