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Green Transport

Truro Town Deal Projects lighterage quay illustration - for green transport.
Image showing lifting bridge in operation: Image credit to PBWC Architects


Sustainable and Green Transport creates a local active travel network with better connected, healthier and more sustainable communities by supporting people to change how they move around Truro by widening their healthy and clean travel choices.

The project includes a key cycle link between Threemilestone and Truro and an iconic lifting bridge between Newham and Boscawen Park and seeks to encourage people to walk and cycle for short trips and lead to a less polluted, less congested city with reduced traffic noise and more people centred streets.


The project triggers economic, social, environmental and health transformations for Truro enabling easy commuting, encouraging healthy and active lifestyles and contributing towards clean growth.

Through accelerator funding, bike racks have been installed around the city to kick start this project.


The Truro River Loop is proposed to be linked by a new bridge over Truro River. A ‘bascule’ type lifting bridge design is being developed to connect Newham with Boscawen Park. The lifting operation of the bridge is proposed to maintain a usable water route for ferries, pleasure boats and commercial operations. READ MORE


Lighterage Hill provides connectivity to the Truro River Loop transitioning between the existing Newham Trail, part of the National Cycle Network 3, and the proposed lifting bridge at Lighterage Quay. READ MORE


The key focus of Malpas Road is the reduction of vehicular speed, creating a safer environment for all highway users. The road is currently narrow and restricted however the existing conditions can encourage greater vehicular speeds than are desirable. The Green Transport project looks to better support walking and cycling through subtle changes to existing road features. READ MORE


The existing crossing and junction at the entrance to Malpas Road from Trafalgar Roundabout is proposed to be re-designed. The purpose of this is to reduce the entry speeds of motor vehicles, support safer pedestrian and cycle movements, whilst creating a more attractive entrance to the Truro River Loop. READ MORE

The project elements include:

Malpas road with rain garden
Image showing ‘rain garden’ public space in place of Pendeen Road roundabout