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Truro Harbour
& Lemon Quay

Truro Quays Harbour village potential project diagram.
Artist's impression by Poynton Bradbury Winter Cole

Truro Harbour
& Lemon Quay

Truro Harbour and Lemon Quay is about reinvigorating our neglected waterfront and community spaces to create vibrant, attractive, weather-proof and green event areas reconnecting people with our water and attracting new audiences from the length and breadth of Cornwall.

Two key elements:

  1. Truro Harbour: transforming this area for modern day leisure use alongside a vastly improved and reimagined events space creating a destination for residents, business owners and visitors unlocking a wide range of commercial and leisure opportunities.
  2. Lemon Quay: reimagining Truro’s main public space with a part roof cover to create a weather-proof vibrant community, arts, performance, leisure and events space enabling Truro to host an exciting programme of co-ordinated events. New furniture and landscaping will create green space at the heart of the city adding to Truro’s appeal as a vibrant city complementing the retail offer.

Early funding has enabled this theme to start its journey with the introduction of city centre infrastructure such as seating, planting, bike racks and mobile stage and performance equipment.

An idea about how Lemon Quay could be re-worked. Illustration by PBWC Architects

This project will deliver: