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Truro Town Deal Vision

By 2030, Truro will be a 'Connected River City' worthy of being Cornwall’s capital and fulfilling its potential as a modern economic, social, environmental and cultural capital for Truro residents and the wider Cornwall community.
Our Strategic Aims

We will achieve our vision through three strategic aims:

Connected Living

Green Transport; Truro Harbour and Lemon Quay

Connected Workspace

The Hive at Pydar; New Life for City Buildings

Connected Experience

Boscawen Sport and Recreation Hub; Truro Community Hub

We Will:

Connect water, open spaces and opes enabling people to meet, enjoy arts and cultural events, access indoor and outdoor leisure opportunities and be more in tune and connected with their environment.

Connect city and its cultural assets through celebrating, enhancing and developing our anchor institutions connecting a revitalised Lemon Quay with the Pydar development allowing people to explore every part of the city.

Connect redundant, empty or derelict buildings with business entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas to invest in Truro by repurposing buildings for a modern- day use.

Connect Truro residents with the opportunities and support they need following COVID-19 enabling them to meet, collaborate and play a key role in shaping Truro’s future.

Connect Truro businesses with a 24- hour audience increasing footfall within the city centre by creating more affordable housing within the city centre.

Connect Truro residents with alternative and green ways to travel to and within the city for work and leisure by providing new walking and cycle routes and a bridge.


Our Town Investment Plan aims to consider: