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The Hive
At Pydar

Artist illustration of the Hive at Pydar courtyard at night - One of Truro Town Deal projects.

The Hive at Pydar

The Hive at Pydar will bring together education, research, innovation, business, entertainment and community facilities in a unique environment, and will become a hub for the creative industries, creating jobs and wealth, while ensuring top talent stays in Cornwall.

Pydar will transform the creative economy of Truro. It will be home to ‘The Hive at Pydar’, a digitally focused and entrepreneurial new innovative learning and living environment that will help create jobs in high-growth, high-value business that will benefit Cornwall’s wider economy.

The Hive, to be created by Autumn 2024, will be a hub for the screen and digital sectors focusing on film, television, games and animation but with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, providing a new model of ‘living, learning, working and playing’. It will be home to students, researchers and entrepreneurs from Falmouth University as well as local digital start-ups.

The Hive will support Truro to become a destination city with young people living, studying and working in the city centre creating a ‘Soho’ atmosphere. This will reinvigorate the entire Truro economy introducing a younger audience who will also support the night-time economy.

This project will deliver: